About RoughShod Ranch

Back in 1990 our family had a humble beginning raising Longhorn, Watusi, Corriente cross for rodeo stock. After raising rodeo stock for nearly 15 years we made a switch to raising beef cattle except for one pet Longhorn Watusi cross cow named Little Cow or “LC” for short. 10 years later we had a herd dispersal selling all of our stock except for LC. After our cattle were sold I vowed that when I could afford my own land as an adult I would get back into raising stock. After years passed; attending college and commissioning in the Navy, I was finally able to negotiate orders to a location where enough land was affordable to raise stock. I shipped LC from Sturgis South Dakota to Pensacola Florida to live out her life and retire at the young age of 16. LC soon got pasture mates growing to a herd of 12 Longhorns and Watusi. Sadly around this time my beloved grandparents passed and my mother Judith Hinton Wilson inherited 160 beautiful acres in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. Yet since no one in the family raised livestock to keep the land purposeful, it was questioned what to do with the beautiful land that has been in our family for nearly 100 years. I soon got orders to be stationed in the Middle East for over a year. So, I asked my mother if she wanted to get into raising Longhorns and Watusi once again. Thus a partnership was formed and the adventure of a mother daughter team to raise the best Longhorns and Watusi we could began and RoughShod Ranch was born. The herd was split, the Watusi would be kept in Florida and tended to by my husband Bryant Huang and the Longhorns would be raised in Oregon by my mother with the help of family and friends. I manage the buying and selling from afar, while my mother tends to the herd management. The name RoughShod is in honor of my grandfather Cleve Hinton (you will notice that our first Longhorn herd sire, Cleves Rorschach, is named in his honor and Rorschach is because of his facial pattern that look like an ink blot test). My grandfather Cleve was a remarkable man that used to work Percheron horses and he had a sign hanging on a shed that read “No Rough Shod Animals Allowed”, he probably obtained it through creative acquisition but I always loved that sign. The secondary meaning of Roughshod…well it has to do with my mother and my attitudes of being humble, yet Tough Ol Broads.

We aim to raise Longhorns and Watusi the way we like them; with eye catching color, incredible horn, impressive bloodlines and great confirmation as well as gentle disposition. We have a lady’s eye for what’s flashy, knowledge of pedigree for horn potential, experience in the show ring to select for confirmation and easy to work temperament. We have selected our foundation herd from far and wide across the US. If our cattle have a price they are for sale, if you like something make an offer!

Very Respectfully,

RoughShod Ranch

Dr. Ingrid Wilson Huang

Judith Hinton Wilson